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Greetings from Untouched India (SDCV the production house), Mumbai. We are making documentary films on Indian tourism to promote tourism worldwide.

The Land of fascinating tourist destinations, unity in diversity is how we define our motherland INDIA.

India is full of culture, traditions, astonishing tourist sports, pilgrims, hills station etc. It stands at number one position when it comes to demonstrate a variety of tourist destination. It attracts tourism through its rich culture heritage, generous people and verity of customs and traditions. A land of festivals and colors, a country of hospitality and generosity is how we delineate our nation. It is India’s diversities which has made it one of the most sought after travel destinations in the world. The country attracts every year a large gathering of tourists throughout the entire globe. While in India, you have lots of options for tourism which will help making your holiday a memorable one.

Rajasthan- known for rich culture, heritage & monuments

Kerala- known for breathtaking beaches & backwaters and naturopathy treatments

Goa- the land of Sun, Sand, Surf & Sea

Kashmir – the Paradise on the earth

Agra- the Home of Taj Mahal

Himachal Pradesh – for its handmade woven woolen cloths & mountains touching sky,

Pilgrims like Haridwar, Amarnath yatra etc are some major tourist destinations in the country. These destinations are worth deserving and attract tourists & vacationers from all over the world.


India has something for every visitor and never fails to lure its visitors.

In fact, India has something for every visitor. According to Council of World Travel and Tourism, till 2020 India will be a hotspot tourism place in the world. To make it more accessible to the tourist, we have initiate to capture the beauty of the tourists spots and make it available to the people who visit and even who plan to. We shall demonstrate the charismatic beauty of India in a diverse manner. Conceiving a thought for over a decade & turning it into realism is what exactly happened at Untouched India. Dream which people see destinations which tourists visit and pilgrimage which people follow is all we demonstrate in our visual to the world. Untouched India is the name being kept since it has been a creative piece of production to be demonstrated through audio/visuals to the world. The places, destinations & variety of unfamiliar minutes of the tourists spots of India. Each destination shall cover the highlights of the tourist’s spots with its minute and unknown details to give awareness of the same & to bring the uniqueness of visiting the place.

We are creating the documentary of more than 70 different destinations of India for the tourist to have a view of the unseen and untouched beauty of our nation. We have designed the documentary to give a complete glance of the destinations, which delights a tourist to visit it repeatedly and also to reminisce the moments spend the thereon. Needless to give the facts and figures of Tourism in India, we would like to enhance the beauty of words by demonstrating the unidentified spots and capturing it in our camera for the tourists to rejoice.

The travel documentary shall be telecast in the channels and also will be available in DVD’s for sale in the local market. Our target is to reach each visitor and hence more than one lakh DVD’s per destination is being planned for.


What we are looking for

We are looking for tie-ups with hotels, restaurants, two wheeler, four wheeler companies, food joints, shopping outlets & much more to advert in our poral/ website and in DVD’s.

Digital Scope & Distributions


Untouched India is a vision to reach doorstep of each aspiring tourist and visitor and to give a complete feel of tourism in India. It has a vision to capture the unseen and unvealed stories to enhance and uplift the tourism and give an authenctic depiction.

  • More than 100,000 DVD’s of each destination (with ample of tourism information & details about the sponsored hotel, lounge, restaurant, shopping outlets etc.)
  • Telecast on the Travel Channel
  • Digital Marketing reach through (twitter, facebook, blogs, google plus, linkedin etc.)
  • Private Youtube video uploading & marketing
  • Local Distributions of all the promotional audio visuals in the tourist spots and destinations
  • Untouched India’s personal website promotional collaterals.