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Greetings from Untouched India (SDCV the production house), Mumbai. We are making documentary films on Indian tourism to promote tourism worldwide.


What we are looking for

We are looking for tie-ups with hotels, restaurants, two wheeler, four wheeler companies, food joints, shopping outlets & much more to advert in our poral/ website and in DVD’s.


Digital Scope & Distributions

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Untouched India is a vision to reach doorstep of each aspiring tourist and visitor and to give a complete feel of tourism in India. It has a vision to capture the unseen and unvealed stories to enhance and uplift the tourism and give an authenctic depiction.

  • More than 100,000 DVD’s of each destination (with ample of tourism information & details about the sponsored hotel, lounge, restaurant, shopping outlets etc.)
  • Telecast on the Travel Channel
  • Digital Marketing reach through (twitter, facebook, blogs, google plus, linkedin etc.)
  • Private Youtube video uploading & marketing
  • Local Distributions of all the promotional audio visuals in the tourist spots and destinations
  • Untouched India’s personal website promotional collaterals.



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