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Naggar Castle kulu Himachal Pradesh


NAGGAR CASTLE is located in Naggar Town about 27kms away from Kullu, amidst breathtaking forested hills and is a magnificent historical edifice. Made of stone and wood, this palace served as the residence of Raja Sidh Singh of Kullu. It was built in AD 1460 in an impressive amalgamation of European and Himalayan architecture.

The Naggar castle is a huge timber-bound structure built in the style indigenous to the Western Himalayas, in which huge logs and stones are placed alternately, with the stones bound together by mud. The deodar or spruce beams are placed horizontally and inlaid with stones. The roof is slanting and has icicle-like wooden hangings as decoration. When seen from the valley and the road below it looks like a tall building. But on reaching it, one finds it just at the level of the road. It is built in stages like the step fields of Kullu.

Steeped in history, the Naggar Castle boasts of stupendous architectural features. Starting from the truly majestic façade to extraordinary artworks in the interiors, there are many amazing subjects to shoot in Naggar Castle. Fireplaces, fitting staircases, and magnificent stone and wood works grace the castle’s interiors. There are three small shrines within the premises, each holding immense religious importance.

For art lovers, Naggar Castle has incredible art pieces on display. Worth-mentioning are the paintings of Nicholas Roerich- the famous Russian painter. As souvenirs, you can take home traditional items like wall hangings, coasters and artifacts bearing imprints of Roerich’s paintings from here.

In the year 1978, the castle was converted into a rest house, and more recently into a heritage hotel that is run by Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (HPTDC). The holy Beas River flows close to the castle, adding beauty and sanctity to it. No trip to Manali is actually complete if you don’t pay a visit to this attraction.”

It’s open all days of the week and you can visit anytime between 07:00 am – 10:00 pm. A lot of Bollywood movies have also been shot. It’s a mesmerizing piece of architecture and is a treat to explore if you’re interested in capturing pictures of beautiful architecture. At present it is with HP Tourism and is a Heritage Hotel. From the castle one could see the far off snow-covered peaks, the delightful Beas valley below and the lush green hill-sides dotted with orchards. To be in Naggar is to be in a fairy land, so unusual is the entire ambiance of the place.